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Surfcasting - Singapore Style.

Advance Rig Designs

These are some of the other rigs that are both easy to build and effective. All are streamlined by the usual Breakaway Impact Shield or convention wire clip. Follow the diagram of each design closely and make sure all traces are constructed with the safe breaking poundage.

. . .Conventional bait clips are made with stainless steel wire that are bend to the shape that resembles a hook. It is then mounted onto the trace body and held in place with a short length of a electrical wire sleeve. Using a conventional home-made clip has the advantage of cheap and easy to make but it is not as reliable as the Impact Shield. Anglers may experience baited hook not having to release after casting due to improper aligment or tension during construction.

! Always remember to use trace poundage of minimum 10lb for every 1oz sinker weight. Use minimum strength in crimping, avoid excessive crimping down which may damage line resulting in reduced breaking strength.Another alternative to using crimps is by tying stop knots.

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